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     wdlconfig.xml tags



Weather Display Live works with Weather Display to provide real time viewing of your weather station data on the internet. Weather Display Live is a Flash TM 1 movie which uses the file transferred to your website by FTP or other means from Weather Display. The data is displayed in your web browser which requires the free Adobe Flash plug-in 2 - this is currently installed on 96% of internet-enabled desktops worldwide 3 and is pre-installed on many browsers and computers. The data can be updated on a regular configurable basis by the user but it is suggested to set it the same as the upload from Weather Display. (See the Weather Display documentation for advice on this.)

Weather Display Live is free to use on a local PC or test web server using the executable version with no restrictions. It will run on an internet web server in evaluation mode with no time limit but an Evaluation Version notice is displayed. After registering the software you will be sent a serial number which will remove this notice and allow you to use the file as many times as you wish for that particular website.

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Installation is straightforward with only one file needing to have a change made to it to get Weather Display Live working in evaluation mode. Step by step instructions are listed below.

To install Weather Display Live on your web server -

  1. Open the file index.html from the folder that you installed Weather Display Live on your computer into in an html editor, Notepad, or a similar text editor, and locate the line which says "Enter your details here!!"

    Change the line beneath it which says -

                 var pathToWdlconfig = "";
    so that "" is the path to your wdlconfig.xml file on your website.

  2. Copy the wdlconfig.xml file, the index.html file, the wdlv5_04.swf and the swfobject.js file from the folder that you installed Weather Display Live on your computer into the same folder on the web server that the clientraw.txt and clientrawextra.txt files get FTP'd into by Weather Display. If you haven't configured Weather Display to do this then go to the FAQ section on the forum for the instructions.

  3. That's it!

Open up a web browser and navigate to the index.html file. You should see your live weather data with an Evaluation Notice displayed on top of it.

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Upgrading to New Releases

New versions of Weather Display Live will be given a new name for two reasons: to avoid problems with browsers caching old versions and to avoid confusion over which version is being used.

If you are applying a new version of Weather Display Live all you need to do is rename the reference to it in the web page that hosts the swf file so that it now refences the new swf. With reference to the above section on installation change the line that says -

var versionOfWdl = "wdlv4_15.swf";

to the new version so that it now reads

var versionOfWdl = "wdlv5_04.swf";

Upload the index.html file again to your website and refresh your browser to see the new version.

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Basic Configuring

The wdlconfig.xml file allows many options to be set for Weather Display Live. It is an xml file which allows for great flexibility but care when altering it is required. The slightest typo can stop the software working. It is recommended you make a backup before amending any details. In addition the file is case sensitive! Open the wdlconfig.xml files in a text editor such as Notepad and have a look at the contents within it. Each configuration option is specified on a new line. For a comprehensive guide to customising Weather Display Live see the configuring_wdl.pdf file. Here are a few of the most useful tags to get you started.

If you wish to place index.html, wdlconfig.xml and wdlv5_04.swf files in a different location than the clientraw.txt, clientrawextra.txt, clientrawhour.txt and clientrawdaily.txt files then you can specify their location by amending the lines -


Enter the full path to the files ie and as appropriate -


To change an option such as the temperature units that Weather Display Live starts with find the line -


Change it so that it now reads -


Be careful when changing settings in this file as you can easily stop Weather Display Live from working with the smallest of typing mistakes. The xml file is case sensitive! Refresh your web page to reload Weather Display Live and see the new temperature units.

In the same way you can change the barometric pressure, rainfall, altitude and wind units at start up.

It is recommended that you set the frequency with which Weather Display Live attempts to update data to be the same as the clientraw.txt file gets updated from Weather Display. Therefore if Weather Display sends a new clientraw.txt file every 10 seconds change the line that says -


to say -


If after changing this setting or any other in the wdlconfig.xml file your browser does not reflect the change see the Troubleshooting section below.

The full set of configuration tags in the wdlconfig.xml file and comprehensive instructions for customising Weather Display Live to look exactly the way you want are described in the configuring_wdl.pdf guide included in the installation folder. There are also a number of sample files available for you to use or modify in the Weather Display Live installation folder.

You can change the size of Weather Display Live by amending the width and height tags in the index.html file. For example if you wish to make the display a fixed size enter the values 550 and 400 for width and height respectively. Alternatively you can make Weather Display Live automatically fill the screen by setting the values to a percentage. Enter 100% for both the width and height tags. It's best to keep the values relative to each other or the display will appear distorted due to the incorrect aspect ratio.

You can change the background colour of the display or place a background image by changing the <body style="background:#ffffff"> tag. For example to give Weather Display Live a yellow background you would change the tag to <body style="background:#ffff00">. For more information on any of this visit the Flash pages on the Adobe website 4 or any decent html book.

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To purchase Weather Display Live please -

Please make sure you include the URL of your website with your order as the serial number issued will only work for that website. I cannot give you a serial number without your website address.

The URL of your website is the webserver/subdomain + domain. For example if your website is at the serial number will be registered to; if your website is the serial number will be registered to

Once I've received your payment I'll email you a serial number as soon as I can - usually within 24 hours. When you receive the serial number replace the serial number line in the wdlconfig.xml file so that the word 'evaluation' is replaced by your serial number. Refresh the web page in your browser to remove the evaluation notice.

For more information on purchasing visit the Weather Display website at

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If Weather Display Live fails to load correctly in your web browser please carefully check the following -

If you have made changes to the wdlconfig.xml file and they are not showing up in your web browser this is usually because the file is being cached somewhere, either by your web browser or a proxy server somewhere in the chain. This is commonly hosted by your Internet Service Provider to reduce internet traffic. There are four things you can try if your browser is caching -

  1. Refresh the page. In Internet Explorer press F5.
  2. Force a refresh of the cache in your browser. In Internet Explorer press Ctrl + F5
  3. Restart your browser.
  4. Empty your browsers cache completely. In Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - General and click on 'Delete Files'.

Flash will not load data files which reside in a different domain to the actual swf file for security reasons. Therefore make sure your swf, wdlconfig.xml and clientraw.txt files all reside in the same domain.

For all features to work correctly you must be using Weather Display v10.37i or greater.

For any other issues please post to the Weather Display forum at where I'll do my best to help.

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Release History

v5_04 08/03/2008 Added Hungarian language
Added Bulgarian language
Modifications to Swedish language
Fixed partly cloudy night icon bug in Premium version
Corrected errors in documentation regarding dual temp instrument
Fixed locking of temp scales when apparent temperature displayed.
Modifications to Norwegian language
Modifications to Portuguese language
Fixed lightning -ic +cg values which were interchanged
Modifications to spanish language
Added widescreen option for webcams
Moon is now correct for southern hemisphere
Windy rain icon added
Wet bulb instrument added
Embedded graphs can now open full graph display
Added ability to lock wind scales
New graphs of barometer last hour and humidity last hour
Graph of wind speed last hour now has average and gust lines
Last hour graphs of temperature, rainfall, windspeed, wind direction, barometer and humidity all use new clientrawhourly file which gives 60 data points for more detailed and smoother graphs
v5_03 03/06/2007 Restored Finnish language
Fixed non working change of units on 7 day graphs
Fixed French language compass error
Weather station name and heartbeat now appear behind other screens again
Added miscellaneous French translations
Fixed Beaufort text missing on a wind dial
Fixed scale on dual temp instrument
Greek text properly aligned on buttons again.
Added weather warning forecast over-ride option.
v5_02 27/05/2007 Increased webcam minimum refresh rate to 5 seconds
Added Czech language
Many language tweaks
Changed the way WDL loads files on initialisation
Fixed records refresh bug
Mouse wheel will now scroll all WDL combo boxes (when using Windows)
Many new graphs added - mostly for 7 day readings
UV, soil and solar instruments are now more reliably indicated in Records screen
Lightning strikes per hour now indicated more accurately for Nexstorm users
Previous 24 hours Lightning bug fixed
Trend arrows added to text boxes for humidity, temperature ahd humidex
Error messages when attempting to load cross-domain improvements
Serial number no longer required for .exe version
New premium version options including styling of text, use of own icons and configuring of heartbeat indicator, WDL logo button and station name
v5_01 18/12/2006

Fixed Greek language compass translation
Fixed maximum beaufort bug
Dutch and Norwegian language corrections.
Fixed snow season tool tip error.
Change to Flash v8 means you can now use png, gifs, progressive jpg for webcams, maps etc.
Reworked solar bar options
Changed lightning last hours drop down list so they match the change to Weather Display
Added <options> to instBarometer. 1 = QNH, 2 = QFE; tooltip is removed in this situation.
Flash version from v5 checking now built into WDL
WDL can now display 5m of rainfall and additional intermediate scales introduced
Dual wind instrument can display temp and wind direction - options 1= wind direction, 2 = temp, 3 = both
Fixed humidity x axis labels on graphs
New installer for Weather Display Live
New Leaf wetness instrument
New soil moisture text box
New snow depth text box
New html page with swfobject to avoid click to activate issues with IE and Flash installation and version checking.
Records page no longer shows unavailable sensors
Webcams reworked to allow for multiple embedded ones

v4_15 23/09/2006

Fixed missing text from Beaufort instrument
Many language tweaks
Removed kph as an option for wind speed unit
Added new units screen
Fixed autoscaling on wind direction graphs
Fixed y scale text spacing on embedded graphs
Faster first load of embedded graphs
Fixed desktop version not updating correctly
Fixed bug with WDL not updating with certain file names in URL path

v4_14 10/09/2006

Added trend arrows for humidity, humidex and temperature including the ability to globally turn off all trends.
Many language updates including missing Portuguese characters.
Fixed <title> tag for Beaufort instrument.
Added Frisian language.
Added wind direction for last hour graph.
Beaufort wind object has options for displaying scale or text only.
Fixed problem with graph taking long time to load when the refresh rate is set.
Added sunshine hours option to solar instrument.
Added ability to hide indoor temperature graph.
Added WD data feed version number to heartbeat indicator.
Added option to launch full version of MML from WDL MML button.

v4_13 11/06/2006 Minor language amendments to Norwegian and Italian.
Fixed extraneous white elements in beaufort instrument.
Fixed tool tip problem with embedded graphs.
Added Greek language.
v4_12 28/05/2006 Minor language amendments.
Added indoor temperature to graphs.
Added all time records for solar and UV.
Added FWI instrument.
Cloudbase scale changed to make the divisions sensible.
Added embeddable graphs.
Added beaufort instrument.
v4_11 05/02/2006 Recalibrated temp gauge dial, bulbs, dual temp instruments and added easing.
Added desktop MML lite capability.
Minor changes to languages.
Added min max to dew gauge and added min max text box for dew.
Fixed refresh problem with embedded webcam.
Added premium version option.
Fixed last hour scale wind bug.
Day night switching for webcam.
Added blue moon functionality.
Added 24 hour humidity graph.
Added 31 day humidity graph.
v4_10 13/11/2005 Moon rotation whilst loading reinstated. Moon will move gracefully to required illumination.
Added Faroese language
Added max min temperature values for 8 extra sensors.
More language amendments.
Fixed tool tip bug with current conditions.
Added improvements to MML "lite".
Added xhtml compliant version of index.html.
v4_09 04/11/2005 Fixed problem with "dynamic moon" at 0% illumination.
Amendments to Italian language.
Added km/h as default for Portuguese languaga.
Fixed bug with hyperlinks on instruments.
Amended pre-built config files so that wind instruments text doesn't overlap other instruments.
Added coloured icons to wind dual instrument text.
Added options tag to sun moon icon.
v4_08 01/11/2005 Fixed bug with some 24 hour graphs.
Amendments to all languages.
Added ability to hide text from below wind instruments.
Added dual wind instrument.
Amended moon icon.
Amended multiple webcam refresh routine.
Added option to display tooltips without hyperlinks.
v4_07 11/10/2005 Modified moon phase icon to work correctly.
Changed 24 hour graphs so they can show full 24 hour data if available.
Added moon age in days to sun / moon instrument.
Fixed error in Dutch language.
Fixed bug with 7 day rainfall graph for Sunday.
v4_06 08/10/2005 Modified weekly and annual rainfall graphs so they display backwards from current day and month respectively.
Modified rainrate record in Records screen so it indicates /hour if that's what in the config file.
Modified yesterdays rain value.
WDL running on localhost will always work in evaluation mode because of a security problem found.
Added Estonian language.
If using autoheatwindchill then heat button will now disappear with the heat instrument. Buttons will move along as appropriate.
Animated all temperature instruments including dual temperature versions.
Added option to embed webcam in WDL main screen,
Added new Sun and Moon instrument to show rise and set times and phases of the moon.
v4_05 16/09/2005 Fixed wind direction graph changing with wind units.
Fixed Dutch language for third time.
Fixed bug with VU meter instrument launching barometer graph when showing humidity.
Added German language corrections.
Made other language corrections.
Changed priority for weather icons.
Added animated snow icon.
Added last 12 months rainfall graph.
Added last 31 days wind direction graph (20 graphs now available).
v4_04 05/09/2005 Fixed max/min apparent temperature units,
Fixed max/min apparent temperature not switching units.
Added max/min apparent temps to temperature instruments.
Added more lines to current conditions / forecast text.
More minor language corrections.
Added time to 'No Data' warning of last valid data.
Added ability for icon to follow conditions or forecast text.
Added ability for instrument tool tips to launch appropriate graph if available.
v4_03 28/08/2005 Fixed Dutch compass direction label next to degrees.
Fixed bug with tool tips on temperature instruments.
Fixed Beaufort text on gauge type wind instrument.
A few corrections and additions for several languages.
Added wind direction for last 24 hours to graph.
Added yesterdays rain (if applicable).
Added support for Weather Wing.
Station URL for Metars now generated within WDL.
Added multiple webcam option.
Added refresh LED on webcam screen.
Added apparent temperature min/max text.
v4_02 09/07/2005

Fixed "undefined" appearing in station name.
Fixed direction on compass for Dutch language.
Fixed l2k close button bug.
Added optional button to MML screen to launch full version.
Added title and URL tooltip options for most instruments when displayed as text boxes including barometer, ET, current conditions etc - in fact everything, I think, apart from min max and rainfall rate.
Added max gust last hour indicator to wind dials.

v4_01 26/06/2005 Fixed bug with heat on dual temp instrument.
Fixed bug with ET not changing units.
Added session timeout option.
Added auto swap for heat and windchill instruments.
Added barometer min/max text box.
Added min/max to gauge barometer.
Fixed bug with certain values of cloud height causing instrument to sit at ground level when first started.
New icons.
Fixed solar text oddities.
Text box option for wind average, gust and direction.
Added repeat checkbox for lightning playback.
No more white backgrounds whilst WDL is loading.
Added no data warning option.
More tweaks to languages including addition of Portuguese.
Added MesoMap Live "lite".
v3_12 06/03/2005 Fixed bug with extra sensors when used in dual temp instrument. (If you've been using the workaround you'll need to now remove it.)
Corrected 30 days barometer graph x axis label.
Added new translations.
Fixed bug with locking of dual temp instrument scales.
Added Nexstorm last 24 hours lightning activity graph.
Added new temperature horizontal linear bar instrument.
Added new dual temperature horizontal linear bar instrument.
v3_11 18/02/2005 Fixed bug with colour of text on linear temperature instrument.
v3_10 17/02/2005 Fixed bug that was causing text boxes to fail to display values if snow was displayed.
Added soil temperature instrument.
Added white background to linear temperature instrument.
v3_09 12/02/2005 Fixed bug with apparent and dew max min indicators on gauges.
Fixed bug with rain rate / hour.
Fixed bug with lightning playback.
Added only show forecast option.
Added ability to set clientrawextra to fast update.
Changed lightning icon to show for 5 minutes once triggered.
Updated mist and fog icons.
Added wind icon.
Added dual temperature instrument with ability to choose what is displayed.
Added solar W/m2 bar option.
Corrected mB abbreviation to mb.
v3_08 23/01/2005 Added new temperature gauge.
Added new barometer gauge.
Added new rain gauge.
Added ability for WDL to work on a secure (https) website.
Added ability to lock temperate scales.
Number of lines for Current Conditions text increased.
Minor language tweaks.
v3_07 16/01/2005 Added new wind gauges.
Added new temperature gauges.
Solar and UV bars now change colour gradually rather than stepped.
Minor modifications to German and Italian languages.
v3_06 08/01/2005 Added last 24 hour history for Nexstorm.
Added optional distance rings for Nexstorm.
Added options to remove graphs displayed.
Added option to choose intial graph displayed.
Reduced snowfall to one decimal place to avoid rounding errors when displayed in inches.
v3_06 21/12/2004 Fixed bug with zoomed lightning map not loading correctly.
v3_04 13/12/2004 Fixed refresh rate bug.
v3_03 12/12/2004

Added ability to zoom as per Nexstorm applet
Added ability to select speed of playback from x15 to x720
Increased persistence of strike type.
Added ability to step through manually when playback is paused.
Added marker on x axis of graph during playback.
Added max strike/min and strike now rates.
Added highlight to time window when playing back.
Added option to display snow in cm or inches and a button option for user to choose
Added indoor temp min/max display.
Increased wind dials so they now auto scale up to 200
Fixed bug with dewpoint in text when snowfall was displayed.
Changed refresh system to reduce cpu usage
Language tweaks
Hopefully stopped data showing when clientraw is corrupted.

v3_02 09/11/2004

Added Nexstorm and Lightning 2000 integration
Fixed bug with Apparent temperature tool tip text
Fixed bug with Apparent temp and Heat index when displayed in text box.
Fixed bug with current conditions
Corrected some language text

v3_01 30/10/2004 Upgrade to Actionscript v2 so Flash Player 7 is now required.
Forecast display - if you're using a Davis VP.
Solar and UV graphs - if you have the sensors and are showing them.
Improved loading routines.
Option to combine Windchill and Temp on a graph.
Option to show rainrate in inches/hr.
Italian language.
Improved graphing component
New look buttons.
New look dropdown menus.
Webcam option.
v2_05 04/10/2004 Fixed problem loading clientrawextra.txt file.
Added third colour (amber) to records LED. Now red indicates record within last 24 hours, amber last 7 days.
v2_04 25/09/2004 Added W/m2 option for solar sensor.
Added snow fall text options.
Added decimal point option for mb or hPa for barometer.
Fixed bug with meterHumidity for extra sensors.
Added all the extra sensors - now 16 available.
Added Beaufort option for wind dials.
Added days without rain reading.
Added mercury barometer instrument.
Fixed tooltip for Barometer when displayed as a VU.
Added km/h option for French users.
Added Norwegian wind direction settings.
Fixed couple of errors in configuring_wdl.pdf.
More amendments to German language.
v2_03 14/09/2004

Added Norwegian language.
Adjusted position and rotation of barometer trend arrow when used on the 'VU' meter.
Amendments to German language version.
Adjustments to loading of records.

v2_02 12/09/2004

Added tool tip to compass.
Added Spanish language.
Fixed bug in station name when it had a - in the name.
Added 24 hour barometer graph.
Added new 24 hour times on graph x axis.
Update Weather Display Live hyperlink.

v2_01 06/09/2004

Instruments in WDL can now be configured by use of the WDL configuration file.
Changed acceleration of wind instruments to make it more realistic.
Hyperlinks on objects.
Lightning activity.
All time records.
More graph options.
Updated link on Weather Display Live version text.

v1_08 30/06/2004 Maintenance release - fixed bug with wind scaling.
Added version number to WDL link,
v1_07 17/06/2004 Changed thermometers to have a sliding scale and reduced range to only 50 degrees Celsius instead of 65.
Added gradient background to UV bar.
v1_06 14/06/2004 Added peak markers to wind average and gust dials.
Added option to select date, time or alternating next to station name.
v1_05 24/05/2004 Large scale rewrite behind the scenes to make it more object oriented - mainly in preparation for v2 and to reduce file size
Line wrap sorted for Metars
Tooltips added
UV sensor added
Rainfall gauges animated
Heat index/humidex option
Ability for users to enable or disable buttons with config file.
More icon keywords added
Comments taken out of config file and put in readme to reduce file size.
v1_04 22/4/2004

Fixed bug causing compass to keep rotating if wind moved anticlockwise to 0 degrees.
Added 3 new graph options.
Added min/max temperatures for Heat Index and Windchill.
Added option to display compass heading in degrees and letters.
Added display of average and gust wind in figures
Changed colour of temperature between 10 and 15 degrees.
Added more weather icons.
Increased capacity of rain tanks to 10,000mm.

v1_03 6/4/2004 Re-engineered the way data files load to avoid problems some people were having with webservers not being able to respond quickly enough.
v1_02 4/4/2004

Added switching between date and time next to heartbeat indicator.
Corrected problems with rounding,
Added min, max temp bars on thermometer.
Improved font resizing.
Fixed bug which would show serial error instead of error loading configuration file after the 30 second timeout.
Added option of displaying wind in kph.
Fixed bug with thermometer scale showing celsius at load instead of farenheit if that option had been selected.
Changed rain gauge to improve display when in inches.
Improved barometer when displaying in inHg.

v1_01 30/03/2004 Increased size of weather station name field.
Increased Barometer display in inHg to 2 decimal places.
Added refresh advice to serial number error screen.
Fixed bug in serial number routine.
v1_00 29/03/2004 The first release of Weather Display Live

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1. Flash is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

2. Available from Adobe at

3. Adobe current statistics. You can view the latest figures at

4. Adobe website for Flash is at

5. Wdlconfig.xml configuration tags :

Please take care changing entries in this file. The slightest typo can stop the software working. It is recommended you make a backup before amending any details. The file is case sensitive!

This is a list of some of the configuration tags and their settings to get you started. See the configuring wdl.pdf guide for more on customising Weather Display Live and for a complete list of tags.

Enter your serial number here.

Enter the language displayed in WDL. Note that the current conditions text are provided directly from Weather Display or a Metar. Options are currently english(default), finnish, danish, dutch, french, swedish, german, spanish, norwegian, italian, portuguese, estonian, faroese, frisian and catalan.

Specify the date format displayed by the all time records page
Options are dd/mm/yyyy(default), mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy/dd/mm, yyyy/mm/dd, dd,mm,yyyy, mm,dd,yyyy, yyyy,dd,mm, yyyy,mm,dd, dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, yyyy-dd-mm, yyyy-mm-dd

Specify the location of the clientraw and clientrawextra files if they are not at the same location as the Weather Display Live swf and wdlconfig.xml files. You must specify the full path ie. and as appropriate.

If you have a lightning detector you can enable a lightning activity animated icon by setting this tag to a number other than 0. The number you set corresponds to the number of strikes/minute recorded by your detector and Weather Display. When this threshold is reached the animated lighting icon is displayed.

Enter the initial temperature units here.
Options are - C or F.
If nothing is entered it will default to c - celsius.

Enter the initial wind units here.
Options are - mph, km/h, knots or m/s.
If nothing is entered it will default to mph.

Enter the initial rain units here.
Options are - mm or in.
If nothing is entered it will default to mm.

Enter the initial snow units here.
Options are - cm or in.
If nothing is entered it will default to cm.

Enter the initial pressure units here.
Options are - mb, inHg or hPa.
If nothing is entered it will default to mb.

Enter the inital cloudbase height here.
Options are feet (ft), metres (m) or yards (yds)
If nothing is entered it will default to ft.

Enter the inital heat type here.
Options are humidex or heatindex.
If nothing is entered it will default to humidex.

Enter the refresh rate in seconds. This should match the frequency with which you update the clientraw.txt file within Weather Display.
If you don't enter an option it will default to 4 seconds.
Maximum rate is 4 seconds, minimum is 60 seconds.

Enter 0 to hide the compass heading.
Enter 1 to show the compass heading in letters.
Enter 2 to show the compass heading in degrees.
Enter 3 to show both.

Enter the display of data date/time next to station name
Enter 0 to hide station name, date and time
Enter 1 to alternate between date and time
Enter 2 to display date only
Enter 3 to display time only

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